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Shadow Sculpture

Sculptures whose intention is only evident when they cast a shadow. More sculptures here


Outstanding Augmented Reality – Blending digital and physical

This is an unbelievable illusion projected onto the side of the building. Watch the whole video, it’s better than this picture. Who wouldn’t freak out if they randomly walked by and saw this happening.

This would be great on the interior of a room as well. I just bought a new apartment, how cool would it be if I could shop for furniture online and I could see what they’d look like in my living room if I had a projector setup.

Remarkable Hollow Mask illusion

Since the last illusion proved so popular, I’ll share another of my favorites. There is a remarkable illusion that occurs when you look inside a hollow mask, the eyes and face look like they’re following you. You probably don’t have a mask around your home so start by watching the first video.

After you’re thoroughly intrigued, watch the second video. This is another version of the same illusion, and this one you can print out and try live: print this PDF and follow the instructions. It’s even more astounding in person, plus it’s a fun little arts and crafts project for the weekend. :)